Milo Blasts One

In concert we try to give our all… every single bit we’ve got.. Here is Milo, “feeling it”.

Water Dance

Water Dance

Now THIS is what we call fun!!!! That’s our dog, Daisy btw. She is the coolest water dog in the world! She has occasionally
been known to lick people to death.



Julian here… it is entirely possible we had seen one too many Kanye videos when we took this photo! I have to admit I was kind of entirely obsessed with ‘Stronger’ at the time.

A Sense Of Style

A Sense of Style

Hey Guys! This is Milo and Julian.. always the latest in fashion… always with a sense of style. This is what EVERYONE will be wearing next year! You KNOW we look good!

Just In Case

Just in case…

Hi Guys.. it’s Julian. This picture is just in case you needed to know what twin babies looked like for some reason or another. If you are wondering who is who.. well.. obviously I’m the cute one!!! The funny looking one is, sad to say… Milo.