Live Performances and Tours

At “Masque 2014″ we had the honor of fronting the Teacher/Student band for the final concert! It was the first time 7th graders were able to participate. What fun to perform with our teachers. Check out the ripping horn section!

In Galway we relaxed.. but in Dublin we learned what the Irish really like to do… Drink, Cuss, Smoke, Fight and Play Music!! We saw so many great bands on the streets and in clubs playing music.. so many talented people. It was amazing! We also saw some great fights on the street with people laughing and hugging each other when they were done fighting. What fun! And everyone we met was so cool. A great city.

Having a great time in Galway, busking, and jamming with our dad. We made lots of money!! Busking is a new experience and is a lot different than performing on stage. It’s a little frightening because people can just walk past you and not care about your performance. To make them stop you have to be different than everyone else and really good! Ireland is a place of drinking and smoking and fighting!!! It’s awesome!!

Love, Milo and Julian

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